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Portuguese Flannel - Autumn Winter 20

As the name implies, Portuguese Flannel is a brand 100% Made in Portugal, currently mainly dedicated to the production of shirts. The shirts are manufactured by specialized craftsmen in locations in the north of Portugal, an area strongly linked to the textile industry.

Portuguese Flannel uses exclusive fabrics that are produced in a traditional way and tries not to follow trends or the hypes. The brand's inspiration comes from genuine people both from the Portuguese coast and from the mountains with distinct and challenging ways of living, resulting in a contemporary yet simultaneously timeless design.

Portugal and the history of the family have a fundamental role in the creation of the brand and the owners, António and Manuel Magalhães, are brothers and were born in a family linked to the textile industry. Their ancestors were owners of companies dedicated to weaving, flannel specialists. When they received foreign customers, they always referred to companies as “Portuguese Flannel”, which was the emotional motto for the brand name.

Sustainability is also one of the main values ​​of this brand. The fabrics used in the shirts are organic and recyclable, such as cotton, linen, wool and biodegradable fibers such as lyocell. With this choice, in addition to the natural comfort that is provided by these fabrics, the brand also helps to reduce the emission of toxic chemicals and excessive water expenditure that is associated with the mass production of textiles.

There is also a special attention to the environment in the details: the buttons used on the shirts are ecological, using environmentally friendly materials. Corozo, urea and "mother of pearl" buttons are a good way to reduce the negative impact of plastic on the environment and, in addition, provide a natural and "old fashioned" look to the brand's pieces.

The new Portuguese Flannel collection has already arrived at Mau Feitio and is available here.

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